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what is it? [Nov. 23rd, 2005|02:07 pm]
okay.....so i made myself a promise....no guys during season! no exceptions! well.....i met someone. someone amazing...someone with goregous eyes...the perfect smile....he's sweet....he's funny...he's shy....he's just awesome. i cant help it. i KNOW im falling for him! how can this be? i mean like 2 weeks ago i was so into alonso but then...Corey just walked up into my life and SHABLAM! no more alonso...its all about corey. nothing has ever happened like this. he's all i think about! i dont want too...i wanna be focused on basketball....im actually good this year....my stats are better. i could MAAAAYBE if i worked hard..play somewhere in college. thats pushing it a bit but...i think i could do it. but NO...here he came with his big eyed big smiling self changing all the plans. hes so SWEET! come on....i get outta practice friday and theres a card and rose on my car! the card said he couldnt get me out his head and he just wanted to tell me how amazing and beautiful he thinks i am! AWW! <3!  i know this may sound odd but ive never had a boyfriend who does random stuff like that for me! i actually cried! i want to see him all the time and cant stop thinking about him. anyways....man oh man.....i guess the whole "focus only on season" idea is out fo SHO! haha....ya know...God is amazing! i mean i found him and since then everything is just amazingly awesome!  im so happy! im not letting go...lets hope he doesnt hurt me like the others.....i love yall! bye!
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Lady Eagles schedule [Nov. 20th, 2005|02:41 pm]

Date                 Time                      Opponent

11/17/05           7:30                      Thornwell (away)
11/21/05           6:00                      Richard Winn (home)
11/23/05           6:00                      Cardinal Newman (home)
11/29/05           6:00                      Richard Winn (away)
11/30/05           6:00                      Jefferson Davis (away)
12/06/05           4:00                      Cathedral (home)    
12/09/05           TBA                     Newberry Academy Invitational
12/10/05           TBA                     Newberry Academy Invitational
12/22/05           6:00                      Cardinal Newman(away)
12/27/05           TBA                     Newberry High School Tournament
12/28/05           TBA                     Newberry High School Tournament
01/03/06           5:00                      Covenant Christian(away)
01/4/06             6:00                       King Academy(away)
01/10/06           6:00                       Spartenburg Christian (home)
01/13/06           6:00                        Laurens Academy (away)
01/17/06           6:00                       Wardlaw Academy (away)
01/20/06           6:00                       Long Cane Academy (home)
01/21/06           4:00                       Spartenburg Christian (away)

* everyone should come watch us play! we are going to dominate this year and NOBODY can stop up! we have given our season to God and we are the most in shape and best defensive team in state so...come watch us! :D

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what is to come? [Nov. 6th, 2005|12:38 am]

Today has truely been an amazing day...im so happy! I think im about to get into a relationsip with the most amazing guy ever. his nam is alonso. i know i know odd name but GOH DAMN...he is so freakin adorable and sweeter than anyone ive ever met. i mean come on tonight at the football game he searched the crowds until he found me and then told me he wouldnt have stopped looking until he found me bc he just needed to see my face- aww! im def in awe right now. then again..i dont wanna crush...a boyfriend...a lover.....its so risky. i dont want a heart break. i just dont. im content. my heart is always in pieces...it cant handle another break! then agai..who says hes going to break my heart? ill give it a shot...he is amazing after all! *cross fingers* lets hope it works out! gosh i cant stop thinking about his big brown eyes and his amazing smile...im driving myself crazy- ive really gotta stop before i get my hopes too high. ive learned to to expect good things bc then i cant be let down when they dont happen! btu whatever..i hope it works! so yeah ive been having really good convos with an old friends lately...i mean i know we'll never be buddy buddy again but i love talking to her...shes awesome...always has been. Newberry got crushed by PC twice in one week....wtf! haha that sucks..btu whatever..im going to bed.......oh yeah..joe....im rteally happy for you! and everyone pray for me...i have some sort of diabetes....i have more test on nov 25...pray please! but anyways...goodnight! God bless!

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Everything is so hectic around here! [Oct. 17th, 2005|07:10 pm]
[mood |thankfulthankful]
[music |Buried Me Alive- The Used]

Hey to everyone! Im home alone again tonight...kinda scary and boring but....nowhere to go! My mom and Michaela are at the hopsital and allens at work...Dusty is at the  naval base in Norfolk Va.. anyways......My grandpa is doing better...for anyone who doesnt know...he had to have emergency open heart surgery this week. He wasnt doing well at first but now...hes better! i went to the hospital yesterday to see him- that made me happy. hes all cut up but hes alive....thats all that matters. I want him to walk me down the aisle one day...since my dad disowned me...plus he practically raised me! Listen to this....Your heart has four main valves...well his main one was 100% clogged and the other three- one was 75%...another 80% ...and another 50% so....the Doc said if he wouldnt have came to the hospital when he did...he wouldnt have lasted much longer! that scared the hell outta me- i love that man more than anything! anyways....the dream he had is comforting and yet disturbing......he dreamed he went down this long hallway and then hit this big open room...well in one corner there was the devil...he didnt look like we describe him- he was a bald man with little horns coming out of his head. well my grandpa said he was stooping people but he didnt stop him....so my grandpa got all the way to the gates of heaven and saw God standing there...and as he was about to walk in...God said "no john..i am not ready for you yet" so then he said he woke up...thats awesome bc Gods not ready for him but yet its scary bc he was close to death! when i told him he had to stay around and walk me down the aisle...my mom said he teared up *awww*! anyways..he is doing much better! new subject: basketball....we have started conditioning and wow its hard as crap i mean....we have to run sprints and in the middle stop and do push ups and sit upsand we have to do jumping drills in them too...like....ankle hops...tuck jumps....one legged jumps....choppin yo feet....squat jumps.....and all that good stuff.....mile long idian runs.....at times i think im going to croak but...then i think ab how many people are worse off than me and how much they would love to be doing that...then i work harder. Man....some people....i swear im going to end up busting someone across the face! people have just started being little bitched lately and i wanna smack them! i mean i can take alot but i have been known to snap....and when im pissed to the eextent ive been lately...whoa...you better run! people need to learn that pouting gets them nowhere and that you cant always have your way! UGH! but anyways....i went to the fair Friday...it was fun! i wish i couldve went with Jason but....ive pretty much given up on him! haha...i mean it was a friend thing but yeah...whatever happens happenes! haha Maett.....what a trip! i love that kid...he always knows how to brighten my day! Will's the same way...i havent talked to him in a while though...i think he ran away!? haha! then of coarse theres Mark and the Comedy Trio which i still have the doubt they're the same person..thier personalities are SO MUCH ALIKE! lol! anyways...Maett though i dunno ive been thinking ab him alot. Too bad hes in New York! haha! gosh i have a lot of male friends! oh yeah! April 27-30 im going to Cancun! cant touch that! im so excited! i think im rooming with Abby, Brittany,a nd Brynna...Meghans not going...which i think is best i mean i would like for her to go but.....she wont drink and well we dont get along....none of us with her...she brought it upon herself though! anyways........im trying to figure out if i wanna dye my hair back blonde or keep it brown...long or short? any suggestions would be much appreciated! but yeah... i think i smell from bball conditioning and volleyballl so im going to hit the shower! LATER! ( not bye! -Joe) ps- Joe your family is in my prayers! <3

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yada yada [Oct. 10th, 2005|10:09 pm]
hello! just thought id post bc im home with the stomach virus! blah! so yeah been doing a lot of thinking...ive come to realize that there are way worse problems in my life than what nikki and jason did....matter of fact that whole situation doesnt even compare to the fight om going through right now...haha. but nothing can bring this bitch down...nope nothing! im trying to stand up for whats right and....yeah it sucks at times! but hey whatever right! i was suppose to eat with Rob today but ive been yakin so....i dditn go to school therefore...i didnt eat with Rob. haha it all equals out! OH YEAH! hey nikki...theres a saw 2 coming out...haha lmao we were so like " hes not going to cut his foot off.....OMG he cut his foot off" hahahaha good times. anyways...ive been in a pretty good mood today even though i was sick...i finally realized i need to pick up mny things and move on...plus i took all my anger out on Gary..sweet sweet revenge. ya know im a nice girl but once you get on my bad side...your going to stay there! and im going to make his life miserable now...*evil laugh* bc he hurt me! :) gotta love me! anyways..my bed sounds nice right now...i think ill go call Will-ber and talk to him then fall asleep. hes cool....just a friend though. gosh ive been sooo good for like 5 months! guys wise...yay..ill keep it this way! anwyays...tootles!
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whats love? [Sep. 24th, 2005|05:09 pm]
[mood |exhaustedexhausted]
[music |deftone]

HEY!...frist off Dustys home...YAY! ( oh yeah...Nikki he was suppose to call you and see you but...he doesnt want too and i told him he couldnt bc u were a bitch so ...sorry) anyways....we won our vball game Friday against Anderson...yeeeaaahhh go us! unfortunately we kinda suck at soccer...well we dont suck but we just arent winning...idk....im ready for that to be over anyways..the coach is an old perverted man..BAH!....but yeah we were discussing our senior trip on teh way back from the cball game friday....i think we will go to cancun..yeeeaaahh! what a mixture...me, Mary, abby, brittany, brynna, garett, joey and shane...oh yeah megan too...we hope she doesnt go though..which is one reason we wanna go to cancun...thats so mean! but....SOOO true...nobody likes her- at all. its kinda sad...but we cant help it....it comes natural...lmao.yep Joes sister is getting married this weekend...thats cool. hope everything goes well...i miss hangin out with Joe....hes a cool person but i dont have time-seriously. its weird the number of guys that come around when i dont have time but when im free as a bird...they all go away or something. Chris F. wants me to go out wih him next friday but idk....i'd only go as friends bc im not looking for relationships...its kinda odd though..bc the only guys i would really wanna date right now other than Joe are kinda far away...one in Anderson and the other in Tennesse....yup. oh yeah Garys gone.....from my life completely. but im ok with that bc hes a dick. hahaha. lalalala....im really bored and in avery strange mood. Im also doubting love right now. idk why but its so like weird...i believer love is something rare and special but yet...so many people misuse it. poeple need to learn the difference between love and lust. i mean yeah theres two kinda loves- friendship and partner...ive actually only loved two people and one of those relationships i completely screwed up and wish i could go back and the other...i got my heart broken bad...and it was recent.....idk....then theres those people i though i loved like osteen pft ....that was NOT love but i wa cought up in the moment. hmm...who knows....what is love to you? theres also the thing with the difference between friendship love and true love. now that i have a problem with. hahaha....lmao. anyways..im hungry and have a fever so im going to eat something and go to sleep...goodbye.
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hahahaha [Sep. 18th, 2005|12:58 pm]
[mood |worriedworried]
[music |Michaela playing the piano]

hey to all! ..... i havent updated in like forever sooo i though i would.... i finally made my decision on college or marines...im going to college. i have my reasons and i hope they dont fail me!  um....so yeah im finally COMPLETELY over two people that i tried to hang on to for a long time. i can honestly say i never ever ever want to see them again....i actually pretty much hate them and i dont hate anyone but haha now i do! oh yeah...why dont we bring our daddy into this huh? well i got news for you..through something like "well at least my dad didnt abandoned me" into my face and im going to tell you what i think. BUT WAIT...then we make it look like I started all the drama once again... smell that? haha i DOOO!!!  bullcrap!   ya know what i dont even care anymore....neither of you are worth my time....or anyones time for that fact. oh but you KNOW im giving people reasons to hate you....since im SOO cruel hahah NOT!!!!!...oh my how i'd love to slap spome folks! im beyond glad he is a cheating s.o.b.. and that she's a really bad friend mmm....no association=happiness! ah hahahahahahahaha. anyways...as for you...im sorry things arent different....i still care about you and miss you but...its not right. ive never been able to handle boys and school...ever. ask robert james....or any of the other guys ive dated. i stress out and thats just that. its not that i dont wanna be with you i just cant be. itll be a long time before Brittany Graham dates again....why? i have my reasons....yeah ill prolly go out on dates...but more as friends. idk....im sorry. i miss you though and wish the best for you!...hmm....vball and soccer are going well! i gotta now figure out what i wanna do in college wether it be physical thearpy, dental hygeiene, or athletic training/sports medicine. and what college...right now...its Anderson bc its far away and i really like it. but USC and Midlands tech are still options..but yeah....i have had a lot on my mind lately i wish i could tell all of you but...i cant. Very few know...its amazing though...i just hope it works out in the long run! anyways...have an awesome day...and an amazing week!

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(no subject) [Aug. 28th, 2005|02:35 pm]
ive actually been a pretty happy camper lately?!?! imagine that! soccer is most definetly AWESOME! i think a suck at volleyball but its soo much fun! actually im not bad at all but w/e! yay! we played this soccer team last week that was full of people i knew so that was pretty cool! we have a bunch of away games in both next week so i doubt ill be around barely at all! im excited!! yay! anyways....i think things bwt nikki and i are improving thats really really good news to me! YIPPEE!!! oh yeah...on my road trip...im going to Florida! um......i dont think theres anything new other than that...my grades are really good so far! (surprising!) oh and Dusty may get to come home next weekend! YYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!! i miss him SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much! well BYE!
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(no subject) [Aug. 23rd, 2005|07:47 pm]
hey to everybody! um....ive been really busy lately with school, soccer, and volleyball. we had our 1st soccer game today...tied 1-1...we played well. umm.....im feelin REALLY REALLY REALLy sick right now so....im going to lay down....kinda hope to just sleep all night...anyways...i miss everyone! love you all!*smile*
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*feelin insecure* [Aug. 19th, 2005|10:49 pm]
[mood |depresseddepressed]


so yeah lately ive been feeling really insecure. dont ask why?! because theres many reasons. ive just been feelin in the dumps, alone. i havent really talked to joe lately....guess he's been pretty busy. thats never good....i havent even started school and look at whats happening. ekkk.....it'll all be okay though. anyways, went shopping today. bought some new shoes and tried on dresses. that didnt help....ive gain weight and im feelin FAT! sucks to be me right now. Im really emotional right now for many reasons so if i go off on anyone or offend anyone... im really sorry. i hope im not getting deppressed again. that would totally suck but...i have been crying alot. I miss Dusty horribly....i mean to the point of im about to run away to see him. cant do that though...ill get arrested. im such a dumbass. i know exactly why im like this right now actually. Theres something bothering so bad that its driving me insane. nobody knows what it is....and nobody will find out. grrr.....i hate.....i dont know what i hate. i hate my mistakes, my body, my brother for running away, the way no matter what i say or do i cant win nikki back, i hate who i am today. maybe tomorrow will be better? then again maybe it will be worse?! oh yeah im keepin my car but i gotta pay 1500-2000 more dollars BEFORE i can drive it again. where will i get the money from...who freakin knows.? i also talked to brooke today...we're getting an apartment together after i graduate. yay. hope i wont ruin her life like i did nikkis. i suck at life what can i say? im a LOSER! wow....i gotta get happy. usually though, when i get like this only two people can make me happy...one wont talk to me right now...(Dusty) and the other is far far away....(Gary). that may sound weird but hey...its true. then again nobody else has really tried so...yup. God will get me through it. i feel like such a baby but...its liek everything that comes out my mouth is .....sad. anyways im going to bed....night.

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